Happy 420, 2017!

Today marks the seventh time we’ve celebrated 4/20 as the Weed Farmer brand.  Seven years and many changes, and more changes still to come!  Take this website, for instance, https://weedfarmer.biz.  We decided today would be a great day to launch it and to announce our upcoming plans.

Many of our fans will know that we faded out of the app scene a couple of years ago.  Piracy and intellectual property/brand theft hurt us badly.  All the folks we turned to for help, the ones who are actually paid a hefty salary to do something to help . . . shrugged their shoulders.

We also got hammered by ‘TPTB’.  Seems we grew to fast for some, and we were “put in our place”.

Being as our rebellious nature is what got us into this business in the first place, it was too long before we started seeking ways to stay involved . . . and we did exactly that.  How we got involved, and what we accomplished are best left for other articles, but suffice it to say, we’re back in the saddle again and will make this upcoming year the very best yet!

Have a great 4/20 Weed Farmers, smoke’em if you got’em.