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Built off the years of work that were put into the original Weed Farmer games, Weed Farmer University has become the true cannabis learning tool it was always meant to be. Weed Farmer University is not just a game, but rather an in-depth cannabis growing simulation that will walk you through the process and allow you to practice the skills of growing top shelf bud while having fun and engaging with the online community.

The Weed Farmer brand was launched on Valentine’s Day, 2011. In 2011, marijuana laws were very strict and only four states had approved medical use. Today more states have legalized full-blown recreational use than had restricted medical use back then. Millions of downloads and hundreds of millions of game-hours later, we’re confident that you, the Weed Farmer audience, helped make that happen. As our motto has always been: We made this game so that you can see for yourselves that it is only a plant!

Our success with making a marijuana growing game caused many copycats and pirates to come and take a bite. Lately, even Wiz Khalifa has muscled in to step on our copyrights and trade names, but the time for cartoon bubblegum gangsta growing games has passed. It is no longer counter-culture. Growing marijuana IS the culture. Now is the time for something better. Now is the time to show everyone how to actually grow and impart real skills to the people. Now is the time for Weed Farmer University.

Most of the US States that have legalized use allow individuals to cultivate their own plants.* While it may be legal, it still requires some know-how and that’s what we aim to provide. Our goal is that you be able to grow your first batch of weed successfully on your first try after completing our app based course, so you waste no time or money when establishing your own supply.

Weed Farmer University draws from our decades of experience with marijuana and the latest advances in the field of cannabis horticulture to offer real-world advice and instruction for the new home grower. Much better than having to sit through an expensive class that might be too far away or on an inconvenient schedule, and more entertaining than slogging through a $30 grower handbook, Weed Farmer University uses video gaming techniques to make learning fun, and at a fraction of the price! Using a system of achievements, as you learn you earn in-game items and cash to help you progress. Ask the in-game online community for help, and you’ll get an answer.

Weed Farmer University Fertilization Screen Shots

Only Weed Farmer University has Male/Female Plants, Pollination, Seed Production, and over a dozen real life conditions that plague real-life growers. It is the most detailed and complete cannabis growing simulation ever created and is entertaining challenging fun!

Being self-sufficient is one of the cornerstones of the American Way. While heading over to the local dispensary to get a few grams might offer variety and convenience, nothing beats consuming and sharing weed you grew with your own hand. The money you save growing it yourself can also be substantial. If you’ve not experienced this thrill, there’s no time to waste! Pick up your copy of Weed Farmer University today on Google Play for your Android device.

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