State of the Games

For our newer followers, you might wonder what happened to Weed Farmer and why there have been no new releases in a very long time . . . in some cases, years.

The answer is long and would require more than one article but in a nutshell, we were robbed of our brand by some very nasty people who have no morality or ethics. They knew what they were doing, they had help from Google, and it cost us literally a fortune. Losing a fortune is bad for moral, so many of us couldn’t even LOOK at anything Weed Farmer for a long while. I, personally, was very upset. Very. Upset.

After a time, the Grow Brothers went their separate ways, and I devoted myself to activities other than apps. Weed Farmer had been good to us, so we had some slack. We tried some other apps not related to Marijuana and at first, it was greatly successful, but then, it was buried by Google and stripped out of the ranking system as was the original Weed Farmer, so I gave up. No more apps. No more free software. No more publishing on platforms that only take what they can, then kick you to the curb.

In my adventures away from Weed Farmer, I met a great many people and explored several industries, but I always yearned for the ‘Good Old Days’ when there was a functional free market and we could rise to the top on our own merits.

Time passed.

Eventually things changed. Recently. We got our Weed Farmer keywords back on Google. How THAT happened is ALSO a long story that would require a full article as well, but suffice it to say that I bet on the winning team.

When we realized that our marketing efforts would no longer be putting money directly into the pockets of our most egregious competitors, we started to resurrect the brand. Unfortunately Android technology has been moving at a very rapid pace and our entire code base is obsolete. While not a complete rewrite, it is slow going.

The original Weed Farmer took seven months to complete. We expect to have it upgraded to new Android code within two months. Weed Farmer Overgrown took five months to complete, and hope to have it out in another two months.

Our Apple software, Weed Farmer Homegrown, desperately needs a full upgrade, but as of yet we don’t have a scheduled time for this. Our Apple revenue has always trailed our Android revenue, and we have almost twenty times the number of users on Android as we do on Apple, so majority rules. We WILL get Homegrown updated though, we’ve not forgotten about it.

As mentioned in an earlier article, we’re also working on a new title, that will be a nuts-and-bolts tutorial on how to grow real marijuana, with text and simulator exercises, that utilize the Digital Grow Engine of Weed Farmer. We’re going as fast as we can on this product but can only promise release sometime this year.

Thanks for sticking with us, Weed Farmers. We got waylaid, but now we’re back on the trail!

4 thoughts on “State of the Games

  1. Fergus

    Glad you’re back guys keep up the hard work!

  2. jamesrhill

    Love your page. I am a California grower, from mid state. The weather here is perfect for all year grow. Would love to grow with some of your seed and possibly graft with my 12gen sativa prominent hybrid. Also looking for White widow or Dutch cheese. I’ll probably have to wait till this mmc nonsense in January. But Oregon is close, and a different climate.

  3. James Rabsatt

    Great game my only problem is after I reap my crop it is not showing up in the market so that I can sell it please address this issue so I can continue enjoying..

    • Franklin Brothers Post author


      The point of the game is to prevent seed generation by removing male plants before fertilization. Ask the in-game community for help if you don’t want to read the Weed Farmer University Grow Guide, they will be happy to help you.

      Your friend in Weed Farming.

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