Donald Trump Needs to Keep His Promise of States Rights for MJ

A Drug Enforcement Administration agent hands a freshly-pulled marijuana plant off to another law enforcement officer.

Donald J. Trump made statements about medical marijuana while he was on the campaign trail, including the November 2015 GQ video where he is asked about legalized marijuana: “Legalized marijuana is always a very difficult question (pause) for medicinal purposes, for medical purposes, absolutely, it’s fine.”

Many Americans took his words to heart and voted for Trump to become the 45th President of the United States of America. Everyone who voted for Trump also understood that he was for “law and order” and would be bringing people into his cabinet that would be conservative supporters of enforcement. What Trump supporters did NOT expect, was that President Trump would allow these conservatives a free hand in pursuing their out-dated and draconian Federal marijuana enforcement schemes.

President Trump needs to reign in Attorney General Jeff Sessions and not allow AG Sessions’ personal dislike of marijuana interfere with the will of the people in their perspective states. Federal enforcers cannot be allowed to run roughshod over the voters in those States that have passed recreational and medical marijuana laws, sometimes by very healthy majorities. In Florida, 70% of the State voted to amend the State Constitution to allow for medical marijuana. Who is Jeff Sessions to say that the majority of Florida voters are wrong? Such thinking on behalf of any government official is wrong-headed and the antithesis of liberty.

Liberty minded people support Donald Trump, but not if he insists on allowing his henchmen to further erode liberties and roll-back hard fought victories for freedom.