This guide provides a walk through for completing a character’s first growing cycle.

After downloading, installing and creating your first character you will have $100, a grow skill of 1 and the following basic supplies:

10 Dirtweed Seeds
1 Seed Tray
1 Seedling Tray
4 Pots of High Quality Soil
4 Bags of Common Fertilizer
Metal Halide 100 Watt Lighting System
Small Water Reservoir
Small Hydro Pump
Spray Bottle
Harvesting Scissors

Step 1: Seed Germination (Plant Stage 1)

The first thing to do is visit your farm and start the germinating of some dirtweed seeds. After logging in you will start on the street. Touching the my farm icon will take you to the beginner growing location, a meager walk-in closet. Touching the upper left icon in the farm hub will take to your single germination tray.

At your germination tray you can begin placing your dirtweed seeds. Touch the seeds in your inventory to select, then choose any spot on the germination tray to place and begin germination.

Once placed on the germination tray It will take some time for your seeds to germinate. In Weed Farmer it takes 30 real world minutes for 24 hours to pass in the game. Dirtweed seeds take about 4 days of game time or 2 hours real world time to complete the germination cycle.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Main Grow Room Equipment

While waiting for your seeds to complete sprouting you can set up the starting equipment you have been provided for your main grow room’s plot. The grow room is the location which will be used for the vegetative and flower stages of your plants.

Touching the back button in the germination tray screen will return you to the farm hub. Touch the upper right icon to visit your main grow room’s plot.

The grow room screen, presented as an overhead view, allows you to setup your equipment and when available transplant mature seedlings to any unused locations in the plot you are currently viewing. Before any plants can be moved to begin their vegetative and flower phases a lighting system, water reservoir and pump must be installed. To setup each piece of vital equipment, touch one of the three open slots in the upper right area of the screen. You will then be provided with a list of uninstalled equipment you currently own which matches the slot type you are viewing. You can then select by touch the piece of equipment you wish to install.

After you have installed all three necessary equipment types, the plot is ready to handle plants in the vegetative and flowering stages.

Step 3: Growing Seedlings (Plant Stage 2)

Once your seeds have completed germination they can be transferred to your seedling tray. To access the seedling tray, from the my farm screen, touch the upper center icon.

When the dirtweed sprouts are ready to be planted they will automatically appear in the inventory panel displayed below the tray. To plant a sprout, making it a seedling, touch any inventory entry to make a selection. Next touch any unused spot in the seedling tray to begin growing a seedling. To browse available sprouts ready for planting, flick the inventory panel to scroll up and down.

Once a dirtweed sprout is planted it takes 8 game days or 4 hours real time for seedlings to mature. While your seedlings mature you can stop in at the seed exchange to buy some more seeds to start a new batch of seeds germinating.

Step 3: Main Grow Plot (Plant Stage 3)

From the My Farm screen touch the upper right icon to enter your main grow room. The available ready to be transplanted dirtweed seedlings will be listed in the inventory panel. Touch any seedling to select for planting in the grow room. Once selected, choose any of the four unused parcels to place the seedling making it a vegetative plant.

Plants in your grow room can be watched by overhead view and a close-up side view of each individual plant. The side view also provides direct interaction with each plant. To enter the plant view screen, click an existing plant in the overhead view.

In the plant view menu you can use various growing consumables you have on hand for increasing the quality and yield of the plant being viewed. In addition you can reduce the remaining grow time well as strengthen your plant’s ability to resist insects, fungus, nutrient deficiency and dehydration. In the example below a plant is moved from the starting bag of dirt to a pot of high quality soil. This is accomplished by touching the pot of soil to select than touching the plant. This upgrade will make your plant resistant to dehydration and nutrient deficiency in addition to providing a possible chance of increasing the quality of your plant’s buds.

When using the basic equipment provided to a new character another available interaction with your plants is use of the spray bottle. Like the pot of soil this is accomplished by touching the Spray Bottle on the left side panel then touching your plant. Using the spray bottle has a chance to increase the amount of bud created of your plant. Unlike upgrading the growing medium, which only can be performed once per plant, the spray bottle can used more than once throughout the vegetative and flowering stages.

Dirtweed plants take approximately 47 days or about 24 hours of real time for plants to complete the vegetative stage.

Step 4: Flowering & Harvesting (Plant Stage 4)

The final stage your plant will undergo is flowering. Unlike the germination, seedling and vegetative stages, to enter the last stage, plants do not require transplanting. Once a plant has completed the vegetative stage it will begin to flower. The plants can be buffed and continued to be worked with when flowering as you have in the vegetative stage.

During the flower and vegetative stages your plants may become “cursed” by various conditions such as dehydration, fungal infestation, nutrient deficiency and insect infestation. In the example below a plant has become infested. This can be detected by the red icon shown next to the plant. To remove the bug infestation application of the consumable item insecticide is necessary.

Insecticide can be purchased at the grow store. To visit the grow store, starting from the street, touch the grow store icon. Once in the grow store, flick the for sale (upper inventory) panel until you see the listing for insecticide. Touch once to select and then again to bring up the buy window. Choose the amount you would like to purchase and touch the buy button.

Once purchased the insecticide will become available in the consumable panel to the left hand area in plant view. To use, touch the insecticide then touch your plant. You plant will glow green and the curse will be removed.

When your plant’s buds are fully grown it’s time to harvest.

To begin harvesting, first select the trimming scissors by touch then touch your plant. Your will be presented with the total amount harvested, selling value and other information. Harvested weed will be added to your inventory.

When you are ready to cash in you can visit the weed market to make a deal.

And that completes your first growing cycle.

Congratulations, you are now an official Weed Farmer!

Throughout the growing process you have raised your growing skill which is crucial to advancing in the game both financially, socially and most importantly providing you with the ability to grow better weed. Many challenges and surprises await. Will you be the one to grow them all?