The Grow Brothers started in 2010, with the idea of creating an entertainment app that would show how easy it was to grow marijuana. Our goal was to demonstrate that it all starts with a seed, and that with time and care, healthy plants can be harvested at good profits. We wanted to divorce weed from other violent drug culture by making a game that had no police, no crime, and where the community could work together. Weed Farmer met all of these goals and went on to be a Smash Hit.

When we started, weed was only legal for medical use in four US States. Now, seven years later, it is legal for medical use in over half of the country, and is legal for recreational use in more States than had medical use when we started. This trend continues and accelerates, regardless of what political leaders have to say about it. It is the People’s Choice.

We worked hard for over half a year to produce the first Weed Farmer, now called Weed Farmer Classic, and released it on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2011. It was an immediate success on Android Market, later named Google Play, and went on to be ranked in the Top 20 of all Paid Casual Games on the platform, for over two years.

We released several more Weed Farmer products, and then our first derivative product, Weed Farm Dealer. The years brought ups and downs for our small company, but we persevered and helped to usher in the new Age of Weed, the dawning of which is happening now across our great nation!